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Associate - Legal and People & Culture (HR)


We are looking to hire someone who has legal knowledge (has done a bachelor's or master's in Law) and wants to build an understanding of Human Resource (People and Culture) at Athena Education, a leading brand in study abroad admissions consulting.

This dynamic and entrepreneurial role is ideal for someone who enjoys a good challenge, has a good understanding and legal education and wants to build an understanding of the people domain (HR), and takes ownership and pride in their work keeping the result in mind.

Who we are: Athena Education is a premium college counseling firm based in Gurgaon, India. At Athena, we have one deep, driving purpose: to get students into the world’s top universities. Over the years, we have built an unmatched program in Athena’s Personal Mentorship, which is the most powerful counseling program in India for Ivy-League admissions, our rate of acceptance is over 85% in the top 20 universities around the world. Athena as an educational consultancy also provides services to NGOs and other organizations on projects related to social welfare.

This is not your average cookie-cutter HR role - we are seeking a creative, analytical mind with a desire to broaden her/his horizons beyond the classic corporate HR portfolio.

Key Responsibilities
As a People & Culture Associate, you will be responsible for helping the Founders in Legal paperwork and HR function, including the following Key Responsibilities:
Working closely with Founders with their legal matters and helping prepare paperwork for all legal cases.
Helping the organization is legally compliant in terms of Labour Laws

Establishes and leads the standard hiring and recruiting procedures necessary to recruit a high-performing workforce - JDs, interviews, etc.
Employee Relations:
Develops and administers programs, procedures, and guidelines to help align the workforce with the strategic goals of the company.
Employee Rights Policies - Formulates and recommends Human Resources policies and objectives for the company on any topic associated with employee relations and employee rights.
Conflict Management - Conducts investigations when employee complaints or concerns are brought forth.

HR Operations:
HR processes - Creates efficiencies, continuously analyzes the company’s HR processes and policies and applies the best industry practices as they fit/support the company’s needs and requirements.
Employee Records - Performs administrative duties to ensure the accuracy of employee records
Project Management - Creates reports, analyzes data, and makes recommendations to the team and stakeholders on key issues and next steps for special projects.
Employer Brand Strategy - Develops and Evolves an Employer Brand Strategy.
Payroll Management - Responsible for payroll processing by compiling salary inputs every month, such as attendance, leave, LOP Days, arrears, deductions, advances, bonuses, and incentives, etc.

Why should you be interested?
Working with Athena will provide you with an opportunity to bring about a positive impact on the lives of thousands of students and their families
There is potential for tremendous personal learning and growth through interactions with the best leaders of the country along with corresponding exposure to world-class organizations.
Team and Culture
We are a young and daring collection of adventurers dedicated to excellence and growth. We are always efficient and occasionally funny.
You will get a chance to work in a multicultural environment with ex-pats from different corners of the globe.
We provide every team member with ample opportunities to develop their knowledge and experience.
The candidate shall work alongside the brightest minds, with team members and an environment that fosters growth and creativity.

Compensation: You will do very well!

Location/Work Environment
The Vatika Triangle; Gurgaon, India
We have built a creative space in a top corporate building in a prime location in Gurgaon
The office is on M.G. Road, a 2-minute walk from the M.G. Road Metro Station.

Our team consists of creative and colorful characters, all goal-oriented and hungry for growth (and healthy snacks). The work environment is a mixture of formal and playful, as we all strive to get things done while sipping Italian coffee brewed in-house. The ​Rejuvenation Center​ is a testament to our commitment to a healthy work environment, conducive to growth, and attentive to every individual’s need to relax and re-energize. Here, one can take a quick break from work, enjoy a delightful morsel, meditate and stretch, and return to work refreshed with renewed enthusiasm.

Seniority Level- Associate

Industry- Legal Services Human Resources Education Management

Employment Type Full-time

Job Functions- Legal Human Resources Research

Key Requirements

Education and Experience:
Bachelor or Master degree in Law (Mandatory) and interest in building a career in People & Culture (HR)

Key skills:
Excellent Legal know-how and education
Excellent communication skills
Learning mindset

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