In-house Legal


Deputy Lead Business Legal

5-9 years


Review existing litigations and identify the impact
Identify opportunities for cost reduction in litigation.
Record Management - Provakil.
Ensure litigation procedures are expedited for timely closure.
Assist in playing an active role in commercial disputes and business advisory to avoid litigation where feasible.
Research precedents and identify relevant case laws supporting the litigation
Assist in leading litigations/ investigations and collaborate with Unit Legal for their guidance.

Documentation and Contracts:
Drafting and vetting, negotiating contracts, LOI, MOU and other legal documents.
Standardization of Agreements for Company.
Assist in execution, ensure sign from authorized signatory.
Assisting in amendments, renewals, termination and change management.
Ensure TAT based closure of contracts based on business requirement.
Conduct periodic meetings with internal stakeholders
Study and create of awareness in changes in laws, rules and regulations
Identify gaps in compliance and suggest solutions to internal stakeholders
Plan and execute compliance audit as per checklist.

Understand Processes in the legal domain to structure and use data efficiently.
Provide awareness to business and identify the gaps.
Assist in Digitization projects and help in expediting the processes.
Risk mitigation and management.
Assist in cross business projects like FGD implementation

Capability Building:
Create awareness on changing legal environment.
Capability Building of self.
Capability build of reportee.
Use of the Tools efficiently

Report to:
Assistant General Manager

Key Requirements

Bachelor Of Law,Master Of Law

Please ensure the completeness of application. Incomplete Application will not be accepted. Upload your updated CV while applying.

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