In-house Legal

Nehru Place

Intec Capital Ltd
Sr. Consultant – Legal (Execution)

8 - 12 years


Job Opening for Full Time

Job Responsibilities :
1. Appearance in Court as an advocate across India
2. Handle arbitration cases with regard to recovery of Loans
3. Handle execution of Arbitral Awards
4. Handle Suits of the Injunctions- Suits for Recovery- Suits for Partitions - Summary Suits, Mortgage Suits - Probate Cases - Suits for Declaration
5. Coordinate with the external advocates across India
6. Execution of warrant of attachment.

Annual salary for the Job: Upto 10 LPA

Key Requirements

1. Litigation Management
2. He/She should have at least 8-12 years of experience in handling Execution & Arbitrations matters.
3. Should be able to handle work related pressure.

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